Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum!

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First of all - welcome to the forum. :-D

If you are new to MaxInMontreal and register to the forum,
then please activate your account within 24 hours or it will be deleted

The reason is:
we get more than 100 spam-bot-registrations per day, a certain percentage does never activate their account, so we are happy to get rid of them ASAP and prune the member-list now and then (> 1 day registered, account not activated, 0 posts). These "people" mostly have weird names like ProoriPARAnup or Magezinoora40, but there is an easy way to be safe: just click the registration link in your confirmation email.

Besides of that we sometimes delete accounts that are inactive for a very long time and have very few posts.
(The unbeatable winner:
2.5 years registered, 4 posts.
1st post: complaining, that his old account got deleted
2nd and 3rd post: complaining that he had no PM-rights.
4th post: asking for email-addresses, because he didn't want to participate in the forum)

Don't get us wrong. learning and lurking is ok,
but participating in discussions is even more welcome, even and especially if you "only" answer newbie-questions.
This is open source - everybody can help a bit. :-D
In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.
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