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Monday, 18 August 2008 17:05

OpenHoldem continues building on the foundation of programmable Texas Holdem poker bots established by WinHoldem (http://winholdem.net) and others.

The project strives for 100% reverse compatibility with WinHoldem, yet also has extended and enhanced the platform beyond what is provided by WinHoldem today.

Other project goals include:

  • Increased performance
    • Scripting language currently executes 5-10x faster than WinHoldem, due to the pre-generation of parse trees and comprehensive use of code short-circuiting
    • Statistical sampling of poker end-states is 2-5x faster than WinHoldem due to the use of highly tuned open source poker libraries
  • User friendly scripting language editor, using the Scintilla editor component
  • No inclusion of automated collusion capabilities (a.k.a teaming)